Below are some links to recent research news, studies and lists from the collection of items that MarketingCharts didn’t get to writing up this week, but still may be worth a peek:

Mobile IM to Triple in 5 Years

Why Microsoft’s Facebook Alliance Really Is Threat to Google

By 2016, Mobile Advertising Outlay Will Equal Current Total Online Ad Spending

Amex, foursquare Roll out Partnership

Boston Raises the Cup and Web Traffic

40% of UK Mobile Web Users Access Connected App

Annual Happiness Index Again Finds 1/3 of Americans Very Happy

Baidu Invests $306M in Travel Search Engine

Deloitte Consumer Spending Index Continues Downward

Pessimism about Natl Economy Rises

Americans Most Confident in Military, Least in Congress

Account Servicing and Problem Resolution Matter More to Employer Satisfaction with Health Plans than Cost or Product Offerings

GDP Grows 1.9% in Q1 2011: 3rd Estimate

Retail Container Traffic Close to Flat thru July


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