efficientfrontier-facebook-share-of-search-spend-jul11.gifFacebook spend as a percentage of search spend among US advertisers was at most 5% overall during Q2 2011, according to a Q2 2011 study by Efficient Frontier and Context Optional. Data from the Global Digital Marketing Performance Report indicates that Q2 Facebook spend [pdf] in the finance and retail verticals had the highest percentage of search spend (4.9%) each.

Automotive Facebook spend during Q2 was 3.5% of search spend, while travel Facebook spend reached 1.9% of the search spend total. Efficient Frontier advises that in some cases there are outlier brands where this figure rises to 25%.

Retail, Entertainment May Be Increasing Facebook Spend

In addition, Efficient Frontier cites anecdotal evidence of some cannibalization that has started to occur in retail during promotional times. And in the entertainment category, Efficient Frontier says it has some very large advertisers who solely advertise on Facebook, which hints that there are new advertising budgets from the gaming and dating sectors going to Facebook which would not have gone into search otherwise.

Median Facebook CPCs grow 22%

efficient-frontier-facebook-q2-11-cpc-july-2011.JPGMedian CPCs (costs per click) on Facebook increased 22% between Q1 and Q2 2011. In such a young channel, Efficient Frontier advises there is a lot of volatility in the data. This is shown by the full spread of CPC growth data, which ranges from 11% negative growth to 95% positive growth.

Brands Double or More Facebook Fans Every Quarter Since Q1 ’10

facebook-fan-growth-q2-11-july-2011.JPGIn Q1 2010, brands active on the Context Optional platform increased their Facebook fans by 100% compared to the prior quarter. That percentage has steadily increased in every successive quarter, and Efficient Frontier predicts quarter-over-quarter Facebook fan growth will pass 200% in Q1 2012, continuing to rise throughout 2012.


IgnitionOne: Facebook Ad Spend Grows 281%

Spending on and impressions of Facebook ads both grew dramatically between Q2 2010 and Q2 2011, according to data from IgnitionOne. Results of the Q2 2011 US Online Advertising Report show that Facebook ad spend on all clients increased 281% year-over-year in Q2, while Facebook ad impressions of all clients grew 200%. IgnitionOne analysis indicates Facebook advertising has experienced high rates of growth due to new marketer adoption in the past year.

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