Most Mobile Shoppers Make Purchases Couple Times a Month

August 10, 2011

pricegrabber-mobile-shopping-frequency-jul11.gifWhen asked how often they make shopping-related purchases on their mobile phone, the highest percentage of mobile phone shoppers (22%) said a couple of times a month, according to a July 2011 survey from and Experian. Other popular responses were a few times a year (16%) and one or more times per week (12%).

Price Comparison Leading Smartphone In-store Shopping Activity

PriceGrabber’s survey data found that 36% of consumers said they use their smartphone for shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. When these respondents were asked to select all the ways in which they use their smartphones for shopping, 48% said they compare prices online when shopping in a store; 35% use it to scan product bar codes to find the best price; 29% use localization features to find nearby products; and 28% like to receive coupons, deals and alerts while on the go.

Phone Calls Most Popular Smartphone Use

According to PriceGrabber’s survey data, smartphones’ simplest features remain the most popular. When asked what they generally use their smartphone for, 88% of respondents said phone calls, 77% said email, 73% indicated texting, 69% use it to browse the internet, 51% said searching, and 50% use the phone’s Global Positioning System.

1 in 3 Online Consumers Plan to Buy iPhone 5

About one in three (35%) of online consumers plan to purchase the latest iPhone upon its release. Of these respondents, 51% indicated that they will buy the smartphone within the first year of release, 30% will purchase it before the end of 2011, 14% will buy it within the first month, and 7% will buy it within the first week.

When respondents were asked to select new iPhone 5 features most important when considering a purchase, 59% indicated a better battery life, and 55% are looking for cost reduction. Forty-six percent said that 4G network compatibility was important to them, 45% are hoping for a larger screen, and 42% would like an improved camera.

Apple iOS Favored Smartphone Platform

When asked which smartphone operating system they prefer, 48% of PriceGrabber survey respondents said Apple iOS. Nineteen percent of respondents indicated that they prefer Android OS, 7% said Microsoft Windows, and 6% chose RIM BlackBerry.

Respondents also were asked which smartphone they would prefer to receive as a gift. A substantial 69% of consumers indicated that they would most like to receive Apple’s iPhone 5. Seven percent said they would like to receive Motorola’s upcoming Droid Bionic, 4% would prefer to get the Samsung Galaxy S II, and 3% said the BlackBerry Curve.

Retrevo: iPhone Owners Enthusiastic about Mobile Wallet

iPhone owners are more enthusiastic about near field communications (NFC)-enabled “mobile wallet” technology than owners of Android phones, according to June 2011 data from Retrevo. Forty percent of iPhone owners are waiting for mobile wallet compatibility in the next cell phone they buy, making them about 67% more likely than Android phone owners (24%) to say so.

About the Data: Conducted from July 1-11, 2011, the survey includes responses from 2,852 U.S. online consumers.


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