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September 16, 2011

talkers-top-audience-sep-2011.JPGPremiere Networks talk radio host Rush Limbaugh maintains his spot as the top news/talk personality on the newly released bi-annual Top Talk Radio Audiences chart with a cume of 15 million-plus weekly listeners, according to research from Talkers. A Premiere Networks personality, Sean Hannity, is close behind in second place with a cume of 14 million-plus weekly listeners.

Rounding out the top three is Talk Radio Network radio host Michael Savage with a cume of 9 million-plus weekly listeners. Filling out the top six positions are Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and Dave Ramsey, who are all tied at number four, showing weekly cumes of 8.5 million-plus listeners each.

  • Broadcast radio dominates the choices for information and entertainment in the car, according to a September 2011 national survey from Arbitron Inc., Edison Research, and Scarborough Research. AM/FM radio continues to be the top choice for in-car media and entertainment, with 84% of all drivers or passengers reporting use of AM/FM radio in-car, compared to the next highest device, the CD player, at 68%.
  • Radio delivered its sixth consecutive quarterly uptrend with a 1% increase to $4.6 billion in Q2 2011, according to the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB). First half 2011 revenue was up 2%, to $8.4 billion. Results for the quarter were buoyed by digital (+18%), off-air (+5%) and network (+3%), as was performance for the half: digital (+19%), off-air (+7%) and network (+2%).
  • The streaming internet radio service Pandora says that there were 1.8 billion listener hours to its service during Q2 2011. According to the information the Radio Research Consortium has for Q4 2010 there were 2.3 billion listener hours to CPB stations. Digital listening (internet, HD, podcast) could possibly increase this total.
  • By the most recent count (fall 2009), there were 1,323 Spanish-language stations in the US, up 8% from 1,224 in fall 2008, according to the Pew Research Center Project for Excellence in Journalism. News talk remains a small part of that, with 96 stations using that format, up by three from the year before.
  • A radio station makes three times the money running a terrestrial spot as it would running a streaming spot, according to analysis from Radio InSights. That means every spot that runs on the Internet rather than over-the-air will generate one third the revenue. Something like $9 billion in spot revenue will evaporate when radio turns off the transmitters.

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