Moms Make Savvy Deal Shoppers

November 9, 2011

babycenter-shopping-habits-of-mothers-nov11.gif60% of mothers subscribe to one or more daily deal services, with an average of 9 offers purchased this year, according to a November 2011 joint study between BabyCenter and comScore. Data from the “2011 Shopping Rituals of the American Mom” indicates that mothers (55%) are 83% more likely than the general population (30%) to search for discounts online, 29% more likely to have a barcode scanner on their mobile phone (62% vs. 48%), and 14% more likely to scan a barcode at a grocery store to save money (74% vs. 65%).

An overwhelming majority (84%) also report experiencing great satisfaction from saving money from coupons, sales, and other deals.

Almost All Would Use QR Codes

Just 4% of mothers say they would not use a QR code, compared to 19% of the general population. In fact, mothers show a willingness to use QR codes for even low ticket items: 37% would scan a barcode to save $1 or less, and an additional 34% would do so to save $2-5, compared to 28% and 21% of the general population, respectively.

Shopping Changes, Like Kids, Aren’t Temporary

Of the 3 in 4 mothers who say the recession has changed the way they shop, 83% agree that the changes they they have made are largely permanent. A large proportion of mothers are also using coupons more to help with family expenses, rising 28% from 64% in 2007 to 82% in 2011.

Online Recommendations Prove Popular

babycenter-moms-online-research.jpgAlthough mothers are most likely to seek recommendations from friends and family when researching purchases, they also show a distinct preference for online tools: they are 22% more likely than the general population to use a search engine, 31% more likely to visit a manufacturer website, and 122% more likely to visit a blog. Mothers are also influenced by social networks, being 243% more likely than the general population to turn to social media for recommendations, and 91% more likely to check for Facebook updates from brands they have liked. Among online destinations, expert parenting websites (53%) lead for product review and recommendation research, followed by retailer websites (48%) and parent-focused social networking sites (46%).

Nielsen: Social Moms Influential Shoppers

Women and mothers are becoming increasingly active and influential in social media, according to an October 2011 study by NM Incite and Nielsen. Data from the study indicates that mothers who actively participate in social media are 81% more likely than the general population to become a fan of or follow a brand online, 86% more likely to post a status update, and 84% more likely to comment or post content. Meanwhile, social mothers readily share advice and reviews online: they are 85% more likely than the general population to share frequent advice about beauty and cosmetic products, 28% more likely to provide frequent advice about online shopping, and 6% more likely to post a product review.

About the Data: BabyCenter’s report findings are the result of in-depth surveys conducted among over 8,000 online mothers visiting the BabyCenter US site in Summer 2011. A general population survey was also conducted with 1,000 internet representative adults from the comScore panel. comScore also conducted a behavioral analysis by analyzing online purchases across categories among their 1 million opt-in panelists.

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