Digital Coupon Users Spend More Than Average Shopper

April 3, 2012

couponsinc-shopping-behavior-digital-coupon-users-april2012.jpgDigital coupon users shop more frequently and spend more heavily than the average shopper, says in April 2012 results from research conducted by GfK Knowledge Networks. The study looked at more than 150 coupon campaigns representing a cross-section of CPG categories, and compared the shopping behavior of more than 200,000 households that redeemed a coupon sourced from or its network with the behavior of 2.3 million households in the GfK Knowledge Networks database. Digital coupon users were found to spend 23% more per grocery shopping trip than the average shopper ($55.05 vs. $44.87) and almost 50% more annually ($3,803 vs. $2,545).

Coupon Users Make Frequent Shopping Trips

The results also show that shoppers made 21% more trips annually than the average shopper. They averaged 69 trips per year, or 1.3 trips per week, compared to 57 trips for all shoppers, or 1.1 trips per week. In fact, when ran an on-site survey of nearly 4,000 users in January, 43% said they would visit the grocery store either the same day as printing coupons or saving them to a loyalty card (18%) or the next day (25%), while an additional 19% said they would do so within 2 days.

Stock-Up Trips Higher Among Heavier Users

Examining behavior when it came to stock up trips (those trips that exceeded $75), the study found that shoppers made 48% more stock up trips during the 52 weeks ending August 27, 2011 than the shopper average (18.6 vs. 12.6), while heavy shoppers made more than twice the amount of trips (27.2 vs. 12.6). And when making a stock up trip, shoppers redeemed an average of 3.6 coupons per trip, compared to 1.4 for all shoppers.

1 in 5 Clothing Shoppers Turn to Coupons and Deals

In related survey results released in March 2012 by CouponCabin, 41% of US adults say that they only buy clothing on sale, while 23% say that their clothes shopping strategy involves doing whatever they can to save money. When asked how they usually shop for clothing, 10% of respondents said they look for a deal or coupon first that will determine what they buy, while an additional 7% said they find the item they want to purchase and then look for a deal or coupon before making a purchase.

About the Data: Digital coupon households were identified using 150 unique coupons in 49 item categories printed from digital coupon network. The network is comprised of tens of thousands of sites across the web, including, and is representative of the coupon industry at large.

The CouponCabin survey was conducted online within the US by Harris Interactive from March 6th – March 8th, 2012 among 2,254 US adults ages 18 and older.

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