Auto Brands Boost Mobile Ad Spending, But Telecom and Retail Still Tops in Q2

October 3, 2012

In Q2 2012, 5 verticals experienced triple-digit growth in year-over-year spending on the Millennial Media mobile network, according to [download page] the company’s October 2012 S.M.A.R.T. report. Automotive led the way with the largest increase, an impressive 370% jump, as auto makers used mobile ads to generate buzz around new model launches. Next in line was personal and home services with a 353% increase in spending, followed by education (222%), travel (123%), and CPG (113%). Technology brands also bumped up their mobile ad spending on the network, increasing campaign dollars by 79%.

While the growth in personal and home services spending was dramatic, the vertical still did not make Q2’s Top 10 list of global advertising verticals, ranked by spend. Telecom advertisers led that list again, as they did in Q1, while the auto (#3) and education (#5) verticals moved into the top 5, behind retail. The tech sector found its way onto the list in the #10 spot, largely via rich media campaigns and video demonstrations.

Sustained In-Market Presence Grows as Leading Campaign Goal

A sustained in-market presence was advertisers’ top campaign goal again in Q2, at 43% share of the campaign goal mix, a significant increase from this goal’s leading 31% share in Q1.

The second most-popular goal was registrations (21%), as finance brands (such as insurance and financial services companies) leaned heavily on mobile campaigns to entice consumers to learn more about products and services through mobile form registrations. Less popular goals during the quarter were site traffic (16%), product launches and releases (8%), and increased foot traffic and brand awareness (each at 6%).

Mobile Social Media Not Such a Popular Destination

Despite indications that mobile social networking is becoming more popular in the US, only 11% of campaigns on the Millennial Media network utilized social media as a post-click action, down from 21% of campaigns the previous quarter.

Application download (44%) was again the leading postclick action for Q2, with travel advertisers using downloads to encourage customers to book travel on their devices. Education advertisers leveraged enroll/join/subscribe (23% of the mix) to allow mobile users to sign up for online education during the summer months.

Advertisers Targeted Business IT and “Gadget Geeks”

The Millennial Media report also details the key behavioral audiences targeted in Q2. Among these frequently targeted audiences were information technology (IT) decision-makers, gadget geeks, and in-market auto intenders. Business travelers also were often targeted, as those travelers consistently use mobile technology to stay connected. Other targeted groups included movie buffs, mothers, do-it-yourselfers (DIYers), mobile switchers, small-business decision makers and entertainment fans.

About The Data: The Millennial Media data is based on the Top 750 Campaigns on Millennial Media’s Platform in Q2 2012.


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