Smart Devices Driving More Traffic to E-Commerce Sites

November 19, 2012

Smartphones and tablets continue to account for a bigger share of e-commerce shopping sessions, according to [download page] Monetate’s Q3 2012 e-commerce quarterly report. Traffic from smartphones has jumped from 4.51% share in Q3 2011 to 10.03% in 2012, finds the report, while tablets’ share of e-commerce traffic has surged from 3.16% to 8.37%. Overall, then, smartphones and tablets drove 18.4% of total e-commerce traffic in Q3, up from 7.67% a year earlier.

Compared to that 18.4% figure, the top 5 states in terms of smart device traffic in Q3 were Maryland (21.18%), South Carolina (20.65%), Georgia (20.44%), Mississippi (19.87%), and Texas (19.53%). On the flip side, Wisconsin (12.5%), Maine (12.27%), Montana (12.06%), Vermont (12.06%), and Iowa (11.01%) had the smallest share of traffic from smartphones and tablets.

Smartphone Conversion Rates Continue to Lag

In Q3, as in previous quarters, traditional devices (such as PCs and laptops) delivered the best conversion rate, at 3.28%. That compared to 3.12% for tablets, and a lowly 1.01% for smartphones. Among tablets, Android Tablet (3.19%) and iPad (3.17%) were virtually tied, although the iPad remained dominant in terms of share of tablet traffic, at 88.94%. The Kindle Fire, which held 4.71% share of tablet traffic, had a lower conversion rate of 2.06%.

Among smartphones, Android devices topped in conversion rate at 1.09%, ahead of the Windows Phone (0.98%) and the iPhone (0.97%). Still, the iPhone delivered the most traffic from smartphones, at 60.85%, compared to 37.59% for Android devices, and less than 1% for the Windows Phone.

Apple Devices Deliver Higher Average Order Value

In terms of average order value by device, Apple devices top the pack. Average order value from an iPhone was $98.20, followed by the iPad at $97.87 per order. Android devices were competitive, though, at an average of $97.26 from smartphones and $94.07 from tablets. The lowest average order value belonged to the Kindle Fire, at $81.19.

For the fourth consecutive quarter, smartphones boasted the highest average order value ($97.82), followed by tablets ($96.84) and traditional devices ($91.76).

About The Data: The Monetate data is based on analysis of a random sample of over 100 million online shopping experiences using “same store” data across each calendar quarter. Averages throughout the quarter are calculated across the entire sample. Key performance indicators such as average order value and conversion rate will vary by industry/market type.

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