Big Data Platforms Valued for First-Party Data Collection Feature

December 5, 2012

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A recent report from the IAB and Winterberry Group found huge interest in data management platforms (DMPs) for their potential role in bettering ad performance. New research from BlueKai [download page] sheds light on which DMP features and uses are most highly valued by senior marketers and publishers. Coming out on top as the most highly-valued feature is first-party data collection, rated highly valuable by 63% of respondents.

That’s especially important to respondents, as they rate first party data as being more critical to their marketing efforts than third party data. Asked which assets are critical to their efforts, respondents chose email data (62%) first, followed by media campaign data (57%). Not surprisingly, then, the second-most highly-valued DMP feature was media campaign optimization.

Audience Analytics Highly Valued DMP Use

As the IAB and Winterberry Group report showed, customer insights are seen as the most important DMP application. Respondents to the BlueKai survey agree: on a 5-point scale, 55% rated audience analytics as a top-2 valuable use of data management platforms. Prospecting was a very close second (54% giving it a top-2 rating), followed by retargeting (41%).

Those results align with the main drivers of DMP use. Among the 40% of respondents currently using a platform, 60% said that they were doing so to more effectively centralize, organize and leverage their own (or their client’s) first-party online and offline audience data for targeting, 55% to create a targeting profile of their audience, and 46% to drive audience analytics. The top reason for using a platform was to drive higher ROI (64%).

Other Findings:

  • 82% of respondents either somewhat (44%) or strongly (38%) agreed that they would like to apply intelligence about their customers across various channels such as mobile and social. When considering cross-channel opportunities, search (41%), social (34%), and analytics (33%) were most often cited as being the most relevant.
  • Budgets for data-driven initiatives are still low. About 7 in 10 respondents said that they spend 10% or less of their marketing budgets on such initiatives. Budgets (or lack thereof) are also a major inhibitor of DMP adoption. Among those not using a DMP, a leading 53% said that it was because they didn’t have the funds for it.

About the Data: BlueKai commissioned Radar Research to survey marketing executives in the fall of 2012. The survey was administered online to 231 respondents from September to early November. The majority of respondents were brand and agency marketers, and 7% were publishers. To ensure the survey represented the perspectives of senior executives, mid-level executives and below were filtered out. Over a third were in marketing management, 17% were involved in media planning or buying, 1 in 10 worked in analytics and the rest were involved in a variety of functions in their organization. Nearly 90% were either the decision maker or influenced new technology purchases for their company.


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