Display Ad Market Growth Looks Like It’s Being Driven by Small and Mid-Sized Advertisers

February 15, 2013

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comScore-High-Volume-Display-Advertiser-Trends-Q42011-Q42012-Feb20131.4 trillion display ad impressions were delivered in the US in Q4 2012, up almost 6% year-over-year, details comScore [download page] in a new study. As comScore’s report notes, the number of high-volume advertisers (that delivered at least 1 billion impressions per quarter) was fairly constant from Q4 2011 to Q4 2012, which the researchers suggest is an indication that growth in the market is being fueled by an increase in small and mid-sized advertisers.

While the number of advertisers delivering 1-3 billion impressions per quarter grew from 99 in Q4 2011 to 103 in Q4 2012, the number delivering more than 10 billion impressions per quarter fell from 9 to 5. The report notes that large advertisers may be focusing more on quality than quantity as they place a greater emphasis on viewability (a just-released report from Integral Media reveals viewability metrics for H2 2012).

Looking at the top advertiser categories by impressions in 2012, comScore shows that online media advertisers delivered the most (453 billion), followed by retail (433 billion) and finance (422 billion) advertisers.

AT&T ranked as the top advertiser with almost 105 billion impressions, followed by Microsoft (47.4 billion), Experian Interactive (45.1 billion), Verizon (40.5 billion), and State Farm (35.7 billion).

The study also reveals that the number of impressions that were “socially-enabled” – directing consumers to like or follow brands at social media sites – grew to an average of 1 in 8 ads. Consumer goods, retail, and online media advertisers delivered the most socially-enabled ads, with the former accounting for 22% of all such ads, good for nearly 1 in 5 ads in that category.


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